Part of this year’s EcoBank launch at CDL’s City Square Mall, the EcoBank Bazaar and the Fashion 3R Eco Fashion Show were organised to raise awareness of fashion’s damaging impact on the environment, and the need for more sustainable ways of consuming clothing.

Launched in 2016, EcoBank is an annual zero waste event in support of Singapore’s vision of becoming a zero-waste nation by 2030 under the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint 2015.

Joining the event were five guests from Singapore’s environmental scene: 938NOW deejay Charlotte Mei, Actress Judee Tan, Managing Director of 100 Resilient Cities Lauren Sorkin, Founder of Green Drinks Olivia Choong, and Artist and Fashion Revolution’s Laura Francois.

The five guests, along with Guest-of-Honour Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources Dr Amy Khor, donned hand-crafted garments made from second-hand clothing donated to EcoBank.

Designed by sustainability non-profit The Fashion Pulpit, the five outfits were sold, and all proceeds from the Bazaar were donated to Arc Children’s Centre, EcoBank’s chosen charity, to support children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses and their families.

Ms Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer of CDL, said, “At CDL, we have a long-standing sustainability commitment to our business, the community and the environment. In the Year Towards Zero Waste for Singapore, our initiatives such as EcoBank and Fashion 3R bring the People, Public and Private sectors together to break the typical ‘consume and dispose’ cycle and provide an avenue for climate action.”

The bazaar concluded two months of efforts to raise awareness and highlight the issue of waste generation in Singapore. Between 8 January and 1 February 2019, Ecobank collection points were set up at seven CDL commercial buildings across Singapore to collect pre-loved clothing, toys, books and accessories that can be reused.

More than 800 volunteers spent 3,000 hours sorting and curating the collection of about 18.5 tonnes of goods. According to partner organisation Turnkey Solutions, this initiative has resulted in savings of 9,300 tonnes of carbon emissions as a result of diverting reusable products.