Ahead of its opening, HLCC mall achieved a 90% lease commitment for its 56,000 sqm of retail space, bringing in over 100 local and international brands like UME International Cineplex, Poyo fitness club, Greenland G-Super Supermarket and the first ice skating rink on the east side of Jinji lake.

Envisioned to be the top destination for families visiting or living in Suzhou, two levels of the mall feature family-friendly stores and facilities like Haichang Pet Theme Park, playground and kids’ learning and education centres, fashion and gym.

With an oceanic theme and a structure in the shape of a majestic sailboat, the iconic HLCC mall will be the choice destination for shoppers in Suzhou. To enhance shoppers’ convenience, the mall features an escalator that enables shoppers to travel directly from level 1 to 4, a first for a mall in Suzhou. Shoppers can also take in the views of the historic Jinji Lake at the outdoor garden and landscape walkways across the development.

Aligned with HLCC’s sustainable design, which is awarded 2-Star in China’s green building accreditation ― China 3-Star Green Building Evaluation Standard (中国绿色三星建筑认证), HLCC mall adopts the concept of a green lifestyle hub. For example, on top of using eco building materials and energy-efficient features, the mall uses glass panels to maximise natural light in the building which reduces energy consumption.

HLCC is CDL’s first mixed-use development in China. Strategically located in the heart of the Suzhou Industrial Park next to Jinji Lake, HLCC has an unsurpassed waterfront location and provides magnificent panoramic views of Suzhou’s commercial, financial and cultural development areas. In addition to HLCC mall, the mixed-use development comprises two residential towers, a SOHO development, a Grade A office tower, and a hotel, slated to open by end 2019. The hotel will be part of the M Social brand under CDL’s London-listed subsidiary, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc (M&C).